Respawn Entertainment aware of Titanfall DDOS attacks, promises action

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Although the gaming industry is always looking forward to the next big thing, there are those that also take the opportunity to look back and make past things better as well. While Apex Legends is set to get more Titanfall content, Respawn Entertainment is not stopping there with its old IP. The original Titanfall has been facing issues of rampant cheating and hacking, a legacy issue from its Origin exclusive days, even after the move to Steam. To that end, Respawn is riding to the rescue of Titanfall players as soon as it can.

As stated on Twitter, Respawn knows of the ongoing DDOS attacks that are affecting Titanfall. While details of what exactly is going to happen next are unknown, the development team is aware of the issue. Seeing what the development team plans to do next is going to be interesting.

After all, this is an old game, albeit with a fervent community. With Apex Legends being the bigger, hotter property, it would not be too far out to expect Respawn to focus on that instead of Titanfall. However, it appears that the team has a genuine concern for fans of the shooter.

Respawn Entertainment Aware Of Titanfall Ddos Attacks, Promises Help (2)

Sins of the past

The issue stems from the game being a multiplayer-only affair. In order to keep things running smoothly, there is a need for functional servers. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the 2014 game. There are a bunch of unpatched vulnerabilities that can be exploited to crash servers. Overloads and disconnections are also quite common.

According to Redshield, founder of Titanfall community group TF Remnant Fleet, these problems have existed for years. Speaking to Eurogamer, Redshield emphasized that such cheating and hacking obviously drives away legitimate players. Such behavior is hurting the game and its community.

The general sentiment towards Respawn’s statement has largely been positive, although there has been some blowback from some who view Apex Legends as the more important game to focus on in comparison with Titanfall. In any case, help is on the way.

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